Camilla Cheade // Fotografo Italia - Photographer Italy


The project was developed based on a reflection on the concept of Florence as an art city.

The idea was to capture unusual moments, even an every day instant, in a city that is known throughout the world for its beauty and its art.

These are images of physical activity unfolded in an environment with strong architectural and touristic features. At this renaissance place full of beautiful attractions it is possible to see a dynamic contrast with the modernism of the sport and its colorful clothes, its props for the practice of different activities, especially in the Florentine summer.

By the blossoming spring time, the athletes, Florentines or not, awake from slumber of hibernation, making their lives a fusion of culture and wellness.

The historical city of Florence gets transformed into a beautiful scenery for several kinds of sports, attracting people from all over the world.

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