I'm Camilla and I love stories, nice to meet you!

I like to listen to people and try to transform into colors and shapes each word chosen as they narrate a chapter of their lives. It makes me feel alive and motivated to preserve in somehow these memories told.

So I decided to tell stories

Yes, I can tell your story through images, by photographing your most special moments as they seem, real and authentic. I love the power that photography has to bring back our memories, to make us reflect and to stimulate us. It fills our lives with emotions through visual contact.

I am a photographer born and raised in Brazil, based in Italy, living and discovering my own story, willing to know and photograph yours.

Ready to tell me your story?

Some Kind Words
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Mary Jane /USA

Thank you for all the lovely photos. You have a very keen eye and were able to capture the laughter and beauty of everyone perfectly. I will cherish these photos as a fond reminder of the wonderful times with family and friends at Florence.

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"Vide 'o mare quant'è bello!
Spira tantu sentimento.
Comme tu a chi tiene mente
Ca scetato 'o faje sunnà .
Guarda, guà  chistu ciardino;
Siente, siè sti sciure arance.
Nu prufumo accussì fino
Dinto 'o core se ne va "

—E. De Curtis e Giambattista ♫ Torna a Surriento

Personal projects exhibitions

Bottiglie rosse nel garage - 2019, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan / Italy

Dintorni Urbani - 2017, Le Murate, Florence / Italy

Florence beyond art - 2017, Fondazione Marangoni, Florence / Italy

Resilienza - 2016, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence / Italy

Emerging memories - 2016, Le Murate, Florence / Italy

La commessa - 2016, Fortezza di Montepulciano, Montepulciano / Italy

Work with me

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